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Metallizing Wire

For your convenience, we have listed various industrial specifications applicable to our products. These specifications are intended as a reference only and not for determining, if required, Powder Alloy Corporation source approved products. We encourage you to CONTACT our customer service manager for specific Powder Alloy Corporation source approvals.

PAC Alloy # PAC Alloy #
Competitors Product Competitors Product
Application Application
Specification Specification
Nominal Chemistry Nominal Chemistry
PAC Alloy # PAC 1000TI
Competitors Product Tafa 14T
Application Coating is used in aircraft engines and as an overlay for medical implants.
Specification Carbon, Hydrogen, Iron, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Titanium
Nominal Chemistry 0.08 Max., 0.005 Max., 0.10 Max., 0.12 Max., 0.10 Max., Balance
PAC Alloy # PAC 912W
Competitors Product Tafa 74MXC
Application Coating is self bonding as general purpose, medium hardness, tough and wear resistant.
Specification Aluminum, Molybdenum, Nickel
Nominal Chemistry 7.25, 6 ,80.0 Min.
PAC Alloy # PAC 909W
Competitors Product Metco 405 Tafa 79B
Application Coating is dense, high temperature and oxidation resistant. Bonds better than Molybdenum.
Specification Aluminum, Nickel
Nominal Chemistry 17.0-27.0, Balance
PAC Alloy # PAC 908W
Competitors Product Tafa 73MXC
Application Coating is self bonding, high oxidation resistance and good machinability.
Specification Aluminum, Chrome, Nickel
Nominal Chemistry 17.0-27.0, 18, 70.0 Min.
PAC Alloy # PAC 906W
Competitors Product Tafa 75B
Application Coating is self bonding onto clean and smooth metallic surfaces. Coating is dense, tightly adherent and oxidation resistant.
Specification Nickel, Aluminum
Nominal Chemistry 95, 5
PAC Alloy # PAC 718W
Competitors Product Tafa 78T
Application Coating is identical in chemistry to IN 718. High temperature resistance to a variety of acidic and chloride environments. Excellent oxidation resistance up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
Specification Aluminum, Chrome, ColumbiumA, Iron Molybdenum, Nickel, Titanium, APlus Tantalum
Nominal Chemistry 0.5, 19, 32, Balance, 3.05, 5, 0.95
PAC Alloy # PAC 625W
Competitors Product Tafa 71T
Application Coating is identical in chemistry to IN 625. Used in applications requiring high temperature resistance to a variety of corrosive environments.
Specification Aluminum, Carbon, Chromium, Cobalt, ColumbiumA, Iron Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Silicon, Sulfur, Titanium, APlus Tantalum
Nominal Chemistry 0.40 Max., 0.10 Max., 20.0-23.0, if determined, 3.15-4.15, 5.0 Max., 0.50 Max., 8.0-10.0, Balance, 0.50 Max., .015 Max., .040 Max.
PAC Alloy # PAC 600W
Competitors Product Metco Metcoloy 33
Application A high machinable alloy suitable for wear and corrosion resistance.
Specification Chrome, Iron, Nickel
Nominal Chemistry 15.5, 8, Balance
PAC Alloy # PAC 420W
Competitors Product Metco Metcoloy #2 Tafa 60T
Application A high Chromium Stainless Steel alloy that provides excellent wear qualities that corrosion resistance.
Specification Carbon, Chrome, Iron, Nickel, Silicon
Nominal Chemistry 0.35, 13, Balance, 0.5, 0.5
PAC Alloy # PAC 400W
Competitors Product Tafa 70T
Application Coating is a Montel deposit that exhibits corrosion and load bearing resistant surfaces particularly in seawater and caustic environments. Coating is easily machinable.
Specification Aluminum, Carbon, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Nickel, Silicon, Sulfur
Nominal Chemistry 0.5 Max., 0.15 Max., 28.0-34.0, 1.0-2.5, 1.5 Max., Balance, 0.5 Max., 0.2 Max.
PAC Alloy # PAC 276W
Competitors Product Metco 8276 Tafa 77T
Application Coating has excellent resistance to stress corrosion, cracking and chlorine environments through 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
Specification Chrome, Iron, Molybdenum, Nickel, Tungsten
Nominal Chemistry 15.5, 5.5, 16, Balance, 3.75
PAC Alloy # PAC 308W
Competitors Product Tafa 80T
Application Coating is used as an overlay over a variety of 300 series Stainless. Moderate resistance to general corrosion, dimensional restoration and print rolls.
Specification Carbon, Chromium, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Phosphorus, Silicon, Sulfur
Nominal Chemistry 0.08 Max., 19.5-22.0, 0.75 Max., 1.0-2.5, 0.75 Max., 9.0-11.0, 0.03 Max., 0.30-0.65, 0.03 Max.
PAC Alloy # PAC 200W
Competitors Product Tafa 06T
Application Exhibiting protection at high temperatures, coating is beneficial as an overlay.
Specification Nickel
Nominal Chemistry 99.0 Min.
PAC Alloy # PAC 98W
Competitors Product Tafa 06C
Application Coating is bright and resistant to oxidation, corrosion and heat resistant.
Specification Chrome, Nickel
Nominal Chemistry 20, 80
PAC Alloy # PAC 118W
Competitors Product Metco Spray Bond Tafa 13T
Application Coating is beneficial for repair and salvage of automotive cracked blocks, heads and similar castings, mold patterns and latheways.
Specification Molybdenum
Nominal Chemistry 99.0 Min.
PAC Alloy # PAC 67W
Competitors Product
Application Coating is dense, little to no porosity and low oxide content. Excellent for fretting wear applications.
Specification Copper, Iron, Nickel
Nominal Chemistry Balance, 0.55, 30.5
PAC Alloy # PAC 90W
Competitors Product Tafa TWX106
Application Coating is identical in chemistry to Stellite 31. A cobalt base alloy having a very good stress rupture, endurance and creep properties. Good for oxidizing and reducing atmospheres to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Specification Carbon, Chromium, Cobalt, Nickel, Tungsten
Nominal Chemistry 0.5, 25.5, Balance, 10.5, 7.5
PAC Alloy # PAC 30W
Competitors Product Tafa 30T
Application Mild Steel, Copper Coated
Specification AWSE70S-6
Nominal Chemistry
PAC Alloy # PAC 16W
Competitors Product Metco Spray Bronze AA Tafa 10T
Application Coating can be used as a bearing surface with excellent resistance to fretting, cavitational wear and for salvage and build up of brass and bronze surfaces.
Specification Aluminum, Copper, Iron
Nominal Chemistry 10, Balance, 1.5
PAC Alloy # PAC A13
Competitors Product Metco Silvaloy A30 Tafa 30S
Application Coating can be easily machined. Used for aircraft engine seals.
Specification Copper, Silver, Zink
Nominal Chemistry 38, 30, 32
PAC Alloy # PAC 10W
Competitors Product Metco Copper Tafa 05T
Application Coating can replace brazing. Used in electrical applications.
Specification Copper
Nominal Chemistry 98.0 Min.
PAC Alloy # PAC 1100W
Competitors Product Metco Aluminum
Application Exhibits excellent electrical and heat conductivity. Produces dense, corrosion and oxidation resistant coatings.


Nominal Chemistry

99.0 Min.

PAC Alloy # PAC 4043W
Competitors Product Metco Aluminum SF Tafa OIS
Application Coatings are harder and slightly denser than PAC 1100W coatings. Used for repair of worn of mismachined Aluminum or Magnesium substrates.
Specification Aluminum, Silicon
Nominal Chemistry Balance, 5.25
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